What are your shipping policies?
We currently ship to all 50 US States via USPS Priority Mail. Please allow up to 5 business days for us to process and ship your order and 2-3 business days for delivery to most locations. Once your order ships, you will receive an email with tracking information. For International, US Territories and/or Bulk orders please contact us via email at arcanecane@gmail.com with your request.

For more info, check out our SHIPPING PAGE.

What are your shipping fees?
We offer FREE SHIPPING within the 50 US States. For International, US Territories and Bulk orders please contact us via email at arcanecane@gmail.com with your request.

NOTE: Texas residents pay a state sales tax of 6.25 percent.

What is your return policy?
Your Arcane Cane may be returned for a full refund within 30 days from delivery of goods by Arcane LLC provided there's been no attempt at cutting the cane. Once a cane has been cut or attempted to be cut, there are NO returns or refunds. Upon receipt and inspection of the returned cane to Arcane LLC's satisfaction the appropriate refund amount reflected on the original receipt will be processed. 

If any cane sold by Arcane LLC is structurally damaged during shipping or while being used as a cane, as instructed by Arcane LLC, and for no other purpose, Arcane LLC warrants that it will offer full replacement of the cane within 10 years of purchase, at no charge to the purchaser beyond shipping costs.

If you want to return or exchange an item please send us an email at arcanecane@gmail.com and we'll get back to you ASAP. Shipping charges are Non-Refundable.

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When will my order arrive?
Please allow one full business day for us to process and ship your order. Once shipped, your order should arrive in 2-3 business days. You will receive an email with tracking information.

Can I track my package?
Yes, you will receive an email with tracking information when your order ships.

What is the Arcane Cane made of?
The Arcane Cane is made in the USA. It is formed from a lightweight durable 4130 Chromoly steel. The "T" handle welds are smooth for the comfort of your split finger grasp and first quality weather resistant grip tape is employed on the handle and shaft making the Arcane Cane easy to wield in a variety of hand positions.

How much does the Arcane Cane weigh?
The Arcane Cane weighs only about 1.25 lbs. It comes with a cutter and instructions for adjusting the height to your preference which makes the weight slightly variable.

Why a hollow "T" Handle design?
The "T" handle design is not only a matter of simplicity in form. The edge of the hollow handle has about 17x less surface area than for a similarly sized bludgeon, making the Arcane Cane behave more like an axe when used in that fashion.

What are the dimensions of the Arcane Cane?
The Arcane Cane is made from 7/8" tubing diameter and the "T" handle is 4" long. The Arcane Cane ships at approximately 38" tall, which is long for almost everyone. The cane comes with a cutter to customize the height.

Why are there two grip options?
The prototype Arcane Cance had self protection in mind as a primary concern and we used a Heavy Duty Silicon Carbide Grip because it felt most sure and had a good reputation as a grip option for some gun manufacturers. Some reports from early users of the Arcane Cane said the grip was too rough on their hands. Still, some prefer slightly more extreme equipment, and so we will continue to offer this heavy duty grip as long as demand for it is still strong...

The Original Grip style is made from rubber. It is softer on your hand but provides excellent grip properties including a random like dried paint texture that is more elegant than extreme. We hope you love the feel of our "Original Grip" Arcane Cane.

Why are there two stripes of grip texture on opposing sides of the shaft?
The grip texture on the shaft is a part of the Arcane Cane that is patented. We wanted the Arcane to be easy to wield in a variety of positions. The stripes provide enough texture to have a sure grip if oil, water, or blood gets on your cane and you need to use it in an extreme way.
Also, with some practice a person may not need to look at the handle in order to line the tool up. You may be able to feel the opposing stripes on the Arcane Cane's shaft and know the "T' handle orientation.

How do I customize the Arcane Cane?
The Arcane Cane comes with a cutter and guide for custom sizing so it will fit your hand height just as you like it. Click here for a detailed cutting guide or click here to follow our cutting guide video below.

What does "Made in USA" mean to Arcane Cane?
“Domestically Drawn” USA Steel is sold to Arcane Cane by a distributor in Michigan and a series of locally owned businesses in Texas complete the Arcane Cane’s manufacture to our spec.

Why not just buy a wood cane or plastic cane?
Some wooden canes have ability to be used as a weapon. Plastic canes tend to be very lightweight build and likely will lack blunt force ability. Some plastic canes are designed for defense, but not elegant looking. Furthermore; ‘weapon’ canes, like a sword, zapper, or gun cane, you generally can’t bring anywhere legally, and often are novelty quality or poorly made. The Arcane Cane is the apex of it’s category with approximately 17x less surface area at the head of an easily grip-able shaft and the density and light weight attributes of Chromoly steel on your side in a refined machined tool that won’t need replacing.

Why does the Arcane Cane cost more than many other canes?
We would like to be viewed as the best product available for it’s purpose; an orthopedic device that is well designed should it be needed as a defensive weapon. The Arcane Cane is 100% American Made from the point of ore harvest to the priority USPS mail lands ‘IT’ at your door (not necessarily the cutter, sorry). Shipping is covered in all 50 states. The design is elegant looking and has great advantages as a tool for protection. Cheap canes break. This will not break as a cane, but could if used in self defense, in which case we hope ‘IT’ saved your life. Guaranteed by full replacement for 10 years if ‘IT’ becomes structurally damaged when used as a cane. We appreciate your support. Thank you.

Is the Arcane Cane Patented?
Patent #: US010004306 protects the Arcane Cane from copying the novelty of having a grip texture on the shaft of a cane and other permutations of its novelty. The full Patent can be viewed here. The Arcane Cane is also protected by PCT, which is a treaty with participating countries that will allow for patent there if filed within the time limitation.

Can I have my cane gift wrapped?
Unfortunately, we do not offer gift wrapping at this time.

Where can I purchase the Arcane Cane?
You can purchase your very own Arcane Cane exclusively online at arcanecane.com.

I have a question about my order that is not answered here. How I can get my answer?
Start by contacting us at arcanecane@gmail.com. Give us as much information in your email as possible so when we respond we can answer your question.

How do I contact you?
Please contact us via email at arcanecane@gmail.com or call us Mon-Fri, 10am-5pm CST at 845-750-5859. And make sure to follow us on FACEBOOK.