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By purchasing a cane from Arcane LLC, whether by mail, phone, or Internet, the purchaser represents that he or she is at least eighteen (18) years old, and that this merchandise can legally be purchased in the purchaser’s country, state, county, and/or city of residence. Arcane LLC shall not be held responsible for the purchaser’s non-compliance with any federal, state, or local laws.

ONLY USE THE PRODUCT AS INSTRUCTED. Do not swing, throw, strike another person with, or otherwise misuse the cane, as doing so may result in property damage, serious bodily injury, and/or death. By purchasing products from Arcane LLC, the purchaser HEREBY RELEASES, WAIVES, DISCHARGES AND COVENANTS NOT TO SUE Arcane LLC from all liability to purchaser for any and all loss or damage, and any claims or demand therefore on account of injury to the purchaser or property or resulting in the death of the purchaser, whether caused by the negligence of the purchaser, Arcane LLC, a third party, or otherwise, from use or misuse of the product. The purchaser further agrees to INDEMNIFY AND SAVE AND HOLD HARMLESS Arcane LLC from any loss, liability, damage, or cost the purchaser may incur resulting from use or misuse of the product, whether caused by the negligence of Arcane LLC or otherwise. Arcane LLC shall not be held responsible for property damage, bodily injury, or death resulting from the purchaser’s improper use of the cane. Purchaser hereby assumes full responsibility for and risk of bodily injury, death, or property damages due to purchaser’s negligence, or the negligence of third parties or Arcane LLC or otherwise. Purchaser further acknowledges that no oral representations, statements, or inducements apart from the foregoing waiver and release have been made.

If any cane sold by Arcane LLC is structurally damaged while being used as a cane, as instructed by Arcane LLC, and for no other purpose, Arcane LLC warrants that it will offer full replacement of the cane within ten (10) years of purchase, at no charge to the purchaser beyond shipping costs.

Any disputes arising under or relating to the use of the cane, whether contemplated or not, shall be resolved by binding arbitration by a three-member arbitration panel, in Bexar County, Texas, pursuant to the rules of the American Arbitration Association. The terms of this waiver and release of liability shall be construed under the law of the State of Texas.

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