Our Mission

Arcane Cane is the best made walking and self defense cane tool available. The Arcane Cane has undergone six major design changes over more than 15 years of testing. With rave reviews on our prototypes, we are now happy to offer our newest versions of the Arcane Cane as a patented, strong, lightweight design and easy ordering platform from our online store. The Arcane Cane is a great travel companion if you need support for balance or protection. Weighing in at about one and one third pounds with grip texture on the "T" handle and grip stripes along the shaft, the Arcane Cane can be easily wielded in a variety of hand positions. The Arcane Cane is confidence ready in your hands.

Our Story

Entrepreneur David Randel created the Arcane Cane from a need for a sturdy cane that, if called upon, could be used for protection. The current version of the Arcane Cane is quite different from its first test versions.
The first Arcane Cane was a gift for David's martial arts teacher, a sort of joke really. A friend had made a beautiful cane from different pieces and types of hardwood glued together and turned it into its cane shape on a lathe. It was a beautiful cane and a heartfelt gift. Well, moments after the gift was given, the class members were all passing the cane around checking it out. The teacher (John) told our friend Big Brian to hit the hanging heavy bag with it. What a shame, it splintered on the first strike!
The class felt bad that all that beautiful work was destroyed so quickly and easily. David kind of nervously laughed about it, but wanted to find something that would reliably survive a battle. As a joke, he bought some electrical metal tubing and brought it to a friend with a repair shop. He asked him to weld a "T" handle and then added a rubber foot. The cane was ugly and bulky but wouldn't break. David gave it to John to test it out.
The cane proved to keep its shape. Coconuts exploded on impact from the hollow "T" handle strike as compared to the wood cane tests which sent the coconut flying. Watermelons cracked as the cane touched the outside edge of the rind where the wood, under slow-motion observation, ripped the watermelon instead as it passed through like a knife would. These simple tests showed that that the density of metal penetrates more while using less effort than a wooden cane.
Because the original metal cane was an ugly item John gave it away to Ray, a student who found beauty in it. Ray took the cane on his trip from NY to Amsterdam and had it with him when he found himself in a dangerous situation. Three men approached him as he was walking down an alley and he knew they were going to attack. Ray lifted the cane and in a poking fashion hit the man in front in the center of his chest, which made him drop. The accomplices ended up tending to their friend and Ray was able to leave the scene unscathed. And thus, the value of The Arcane Cane was first realized.
Since then the Arcane Cane has gone through five major design changes, making it lighter and more attractive. We're proud to offer our customers a cane that is superior to other canes in the self-protection category! Please use the Arcane Cane in good health for balance and stability. May you never need it to defend yourself... But if you do, it's ready in your hand.


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